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Strength training is like the superhero of exercise, packing more health benefits than any other form of fitness. It's not just the foundation of my clients' workouts; it's the backbone of this program. I have a new way for you to train with me if we can't meet in person. After two decades of evolution, it's now online, all for the cost of less than three training sessions. Strengthen your body from the comfort of your own home with minimal equipment.

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Gym Equipments


IS realistic & attainable

IS great intro to strength training

IS great for all skill levels

IS great for creating new healthy habits


This is a 8-week program consisting of a complete mobility routine, three strength workouts a week, and accompanying demo videos to help perfect the skill of each exercise. You’ll also get access to a complete overview, explaining the nuance, verbiage and purpose behind this program, which is the culmination of training people for over 22 years.

Technically speaking there are Two Programs, because in the second cycle of workouts there are all new exercise variations, giving you a second 4-week plan. You'll also be able to message me if you need any extra help with form, modifications, or work with me one-on-one for customized training. 



NOT a cliché

8 Week Challenge

NOT overly

Time Consuming

NOT a quick fix

Progress takes time


I’ve been hesitant to go into the world of online training because I’m such a stickler about form that I thought instruction through technology would be lost in digital translation.


In many online programs, exercise demonstrations tend to focus solely on advanced versions with minimal or no modifications. However, I've adopted a different approach. Why? Because everyone's body is different and has unique needs. I've witnessed firsthand that when I introduce a new exercise to a client, they often struggle to perform it correctly, which is entirely normal. They just need the right variation for their fitness level. 

I took the extra time to provide thorough explanations of every mobility drill and strength exercise, showing the nuances and also the common faults people make so that you can train injury-free. Additionally, I show several modifications so that individuals of all fitness levels can get an effective workout. My aim is for you to feel like we’re working out in-person; and more importantly, I want you to train safe.  



Hi, I’m Mike LaCoss. 

If you're reading this, chances are you already know me to some extent. However, for those who don't, I'm not your typical influencer trainer who spends hours on social media working out for likes. I'm the trainer helping real people tackle workouts in the gym all day, and banking real results since 2001. 


My clientele spans a wide spectrum, ranging from the age of 15 to 82. I train a diverse mix of clients from all walks of life, each with their own unique body types and goals. From super parents and entrepreneurs, to professional athletes and everyday working people, I've had the honor of training them all. 


I’m most proud of the fact that most of my clients have remained loyal to me for over 15 years. The secret lies in delivering results without causing harm. The only way to retain clients for such extended periods is by helping them achieve their goals while keeping them safe and injury-free(with lots of laughs). After two decades of providing one-on-one training and gaining insight into the needs of every fitness level, that wisdom is infused into this program.

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Elegant Abstract Background

I was always worried about getting bulky with weight training but the opposite happened. As I got stronger, I got more toned and dropped body fat. I am leaner and tighter than I was than in my twenties. I always used to dread working out, but with Mike, it's always fun plus the best part of my day. I couldn't recommend him and his program more.

Yvonne Lee


I built these workouts in a way that a novice could do it, and so could an elite athlete. This program is designed in a way that each week builds on the last, so you get to practice and master each exercise before moving on.  Even experienced lifters and athletes can use it as a blueprint to test on themselves with their own unique approach. My goal was to create a foundational program for it's enduring utility, making it a valuable resource for all walks of life.



  • Full-body mobility routine and dynamic warm-up exercises. 

  • 8-week strength program (Split into two unique 4-week cycles). 

  • Comprehensive video tutorials of all 62 exercises with multiple modifications for every skill level.

  • Detailed program overview explaining the nuance, philosophy, verbiage and purpose behind these workouts.

  • Online support for any questions or further help.


Many of my new clients approach me feeling discouraged, having attempted everything without success. When I ask them if they've ever really tried to get stronger through strength training, they always say no. I often respond by saying, "When you keep trying everything, you try nothing because you never give yourself a chance to get stronger." From my experience, increasing strength in fundamental exercises is the most effective way to reach your goals in a timely and effective manner, plus it paves the way for optimal health and longevity.


If you're not fully prepared to begin at this moment, that's all good. I encourage you to commit wholeheartedly to the program, so start it when you genuinely feel ready to invest your full effort. It's easy to find excuses to postpone, but if it truly matters, you'll make it happen. There's no better time than the present.

Your coach,

Mike LaCoss


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Once you purchase the program you’ll get a confirmation email with the Program Overview.  Make sure to read from start to finish so you’re armed with the knowledge of how to approach the workouts.  Next, you can now access the workouts page, which contains the warm-up mobility drills and workouts, along with detailed demo videos of every exercise, so you can start Strength At-Home.

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